Sex Education in Public Schools

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Sex Education in Public Schools by Mind Map: Sex Education in Public Schools

1. the public, government and health providers all hold major roles in sex education being taught in schools

2. There are two major types on sex education practices being taught: Abstinence-only and Abstinence-plus or also known as Comprehensive.

3. By looking at public schools in the United States, we can see that sex education has ultimately become scares which is the result of the prejudice evoked on the younger generations by the school board/government officials that may only require an Abstinence-only education.

4. Amy Bleakley's article, "Public Opinion on Sex Education in US Schools", asserts that schools are not correctly teaching the younger generation due to the public.

5. Shelby Astle's article, "College Students' Suggestions for Improving Sex Education in Schools", explains that college students are now beginning to notice the lack of teaching on this subject and are demanding change.

6. Valerie J. Huber's article, "A history of Sex Education in the United States since 1900", shows that each era has a different way of approaching sex education in schools.

7. Claim: Teaching Abstinence-only education in schools results in higher percentages in teen pregnancy.

8. Claim: Sex education system is outdated and not up to current times.