Question 5: Significant people

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Question 5: Significant people by Mind Map: Question 5: Significant people

1. Kondiaronk (leader)

1.1. "Chief of Tionnontate nation, Kondiaronk fought hard for his people during the second half of the seventeenth century" (p. 101). "first practitioners of the diplomatic ploy of playing the French against the British" (p. 101). "He is most famous for using all his skills in warfare to prevent any peace between the French colonizers and the Haudenosaunee Condeferacy." (p. 101).

1.1.1. "After the dispersal of the Wendat confederacy he led the people on a grand migration first to Lake Michigan, Chequamegon, Michilimackinac, and finally to Bkejwanong)" (p. 101). "He made certain tabacco, the Tionnontate’s principal crop and trade item, was in good supply, and this was essentially the reason why he led his people to southern Lake Huron where it could be cultivated" (p. 101). Before he died gave a speech and made sure "the interests of his small nation were protected in the agreement" (p. 101).

2. Tessouat (leader)

2.1. he tried to "keep the French and their dangerous tech away from potential enemies" (p. 106)

2.1.1. "Claimed he could force the French back across the sea"(p. 106). "Tried to prevent the French from gaining access to the Great Lakes"(p. 106). He tried to "impede the movement of the French trade goods into the Great Lakes until he could solidify his position as gatekeeper and ensure the safety and security of his people" (p. 106).

2.2. "was able to delay the visit until summer of 1615" (p. 102)

3. French

3.1. Provided "useful technology for hunting and warfare" (p. 102)

3.2. Technology was a "important influence in terms of regional security and its potential influence on the conversion of the wendat:" (p. 102).

3.3. Traded with the indigenous groups for example the innu and the omamiwinini

3.4. their alliance with the wendat "confirmed the shift in importance of trade routes from north-south, as it had been before contact to east-west" (p. 103) "the alliance also resulted in a blossoming of the fur trade" (p. 103) "By plugging into the wendat trading network and convincing them to emphasize furs, the French developed the trade into the main economic activity of the north" (p. 104).

4. ochasteguin's people

4.1. "Second largest in population" and "Members of his clan had the rights, as initiators, to control the new Wendat trade network" (p. 101).

5. jesuits

5.1. "Tried to persuade all to conform to the Christian norm which caused tension as some Wendat converted and others resisted" (p. 101)

6. Attignawantan

6.1. "The largest nation in the Wendat confederacy was the Attignawantan" (p. 101).

6.2. "Most open to Christianity" (p. 101).

6.3. "They would play host to the Jesuits" (p. 101).

7. arendarhonon

7.1. held to their traditional beliefs despite the best efforts iof the jesuits" (p. 101)

8. Tessouat (later chief with the same name) and kichesiprini

8.1. "Instituted a system of tolls along the river, which was important to early trade and communication" (p. 102)

8.2. "Tried to discourage the Wendat from travelling to Montreal to trade with the French" (p. 106).

9. wendat confederacy

9.1. kept the haudenosaunee confederacy in check

9.2. "when it suited their trading interests facilitated movement of the Jesuits" (p. 103).

10. Jean de Brébeuf

10.1. "Was sent to the Wendat misson, which had been established in Wendake, because of his skill with languages" (p. 107)"Instead it would take Brébeuf nine years just to learn the Wendat language and compile a grammar" (p. 107)

11. dutch

11.1. "First uneasy but later accepted what had happened and opened trade relations with the eastern-most nation of haundensaunee, kanienkehaka also called the mohawk."(p. 110)

12. English

12.1. Provided the haundenosaunee with two sources of goods. (p. 110)