Elders & Community Members

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Elders & Community Members by Mind Map: Elders & Community Members

1. Education practices

1.1. High expectations

1.1.1. Keeping Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples out of the system

1.2. Make classroom environment culturally appropriate

1.2.1. Embed Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives through art, stories, inviting community into the classroom Be guided by community

1.3. Learn & listen from the kids

1.4. Research first

1.4.1. Ask the community if something is appropriate

2. Embedding Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives

2.1. Represent Aboriginal & Torress Strait Islander culture in classroom

2.2. Crossing Cultures Hidden Histories Training

2.2.1. Doing this training helps to understand what students have experienced

2.2.2. Highlights differences you might come across

2.3. Ask Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples to come and share stories

2.3.1. This helps to represent their perspectives

3. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students & families

3.1. Sometimes families don't know a lot about their history

3.2. Different conventions

3.2.1. May stay in 3 houses in 1 week

3.2.2. May have to go away for Sorry Business

3.2.3. Family always comes first

3.3. Get to know the people & where the children are placed in that community

3.4. Oldest living culture in the world

3.4.1. Australian culture Should be embraced

4. Teachers

4.1. Gaps in ability to connect with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander kids

4.1.1. Kids who have experienced trauma

4.1.2. Teachers need help to understand how to help their students

4.2. Teachers need to engage with students and build relationships

4.3. Teachers need to build relationships with families

4.3.1. First contact should be with Indigenous education workers within the school Some schools have other resources like "Girls Academy"

5. Connecting with community

5.1. "Girls Academy" - support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander girls to get through high school

5.2. "Be the Change" - gets kids involved and connected to community

5.3. Support Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people from what has happened in the past

5.4. Relationships

5.4.1. Gauge a relationship with community Then think about reconciliation processes

5.4.2. Listen to the people of that land