Building Intellective Capacity

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Building Intellective Capacity by Mind Map: Building Intellective Capacity

1. Chew

1.1. process the chunk of content

1.2. time + space to chew on topics--> dependent students can practice independence

1.3. cognitive routines allow for deeper processing

1.3.1. connect what they know to this new info

1.3.2. paired w metacognition and self-regulation--> students can self-monitor and self-evaluate-->independent learners

1.3.3. thinking dispositions/thinking routines ex: similarities and differences, whole to part, relationships, perspectives

1.4. learning activities further embedded within chewing process

1.5. give students a break, embed a fun activity within

2. Review

2.1. learner has to apply their new knowledge w/in 24hrs

2.2. rehearsal + repetition = mental glue that cements learning

2.3. Build towards a formative assessment

2.4. did we reach the learning targets? How can we apply them

3. Ignite

3.1. getting the brain's attention

3.2. warm-up, hook

3.3. ex: call and response

3.4. ex: provocations; eye-opening quotes, challenging puzzles, outrageous statements

3.5. ex: talking; overlapping speaking, all at once, pair-shares

3.6. can be quick formative assessment: kahoot activity, games

3.7. classroom management is still respected, allow students time to speak within a context

4. Chunk

4.1. feed students "right-sized" bits of information

4.2. small, digestible, not overwhelming

4.3. need small chunks in order to connect info

4.4. learning activities broken down, can be small tasks/goals