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Cerexio Pte Ltd by Mind Map: Cerexio Pte Ltd

1. Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System

1.1. Features of Cerexio Predictive Maintenance System

1.1.1. Asset Management

1.1.2. Downtime Tracking

1.1.3. Digital Twin

1.1.4. Machine Learning

1.1.5. Predictive Alert Generation

1.1.6. Cloud Infrastructure

1.1.7. Sensor Data Analytics

1.1.8. Work Order Management

1.1.9. Reporting

1.1.10. Service Calendar

2. Real-world environment trained software

3. Reduce machine failure

4. Reduce maintenance costs

5. Reduce downtime for repairs

6. Increase the lifespan of equipment and their components

7. Improve production efficiency