Career Goals

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Career Goals by Mind Map: Career Goals

1. 1.Study skills

2. 1.The important thing is studying to be successful in our life's and to make our dream to become true.

3. 1.A set of good study skills can save a lot of time in learning and studying. It will help to sort out what is important and what is secondary. Being able to gather information will help research work.

4. 1.Studying is important to gather information and to think critically. It applies to personal life, work and planning. If you don't have good study skills, you can't learn. And without information you can't make good decision making.

5. 2.Communication skills

6. 2.Communication skills allow you to understand and be understood by others. These can include buy are not limited to effectively communicating ideas others, actively listening in conversations, giving and receiving critical feedback and public speaking.

7. 3.Essential Teaching Skills

8. need to be able to effectively speak with your student, using a clear tone. Body language is also important you want to appear confident in your stance and your facial expressions.

9. 4.Social Skills

10. 4.If you know good social skills you can use them in elite circles too. These includes to be articulate, proper hand gesture, eye contact and respect for the interlocutor.