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Life Plan by Mind Map: Life Plan

1. CAREER:- Achieve the mastery of being a skilled graphic designer

2. ED:- Complete Diploma Engineering without any Referred.# & Speak English fluently and be proficient in English

3. HEALTH:- To lead a healthy and beautiful life

4. HOBBIES:- Traveling, going for a walk sometimes in your spare time.

5. FAMILY:- Take care of the family 20 years ago and do something good in the future

6. HOLIDAYS:- Developing new graphic design work and skills during the holidays

7. SELF-IMPROVEMENT:- Watching self-improvement videos for 20 minutes every day, reading a book and moving yourself towards your goal.

8. MAIN GOAL:- Achieve a Masters in Graphics Design and be a successful freelancer

9. The desire of life:-Becoming an honest and family worthy person in life