Listening part 4

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Listening part 4 by Mind Map: Listening part 4

1. In the FCE listening part 4 you heard and interview or interaction between two speakers, also you can heard the recording twice.

2. It usually along about 3 or 4 minutes long, and it is focus on identify options and attitudes so you need so listen for details special information or the main idea.

3. There are seven multiple choose questions with options A,B and C, it is important to know that the questions are in the same order like the audio


4.1. Tip 1: Read the questions before listen the recording, you only hace 30 seconds.

4.2. Tip 2: You can underline the main idea of each question.

4.3. Tip 3: Listen for the general idea that the speaker is mentioned and wait for the other speakers finish the conversation to answer.

4.4. Tip 4: Listen for the same idea of the options because is not going to be the same words, if you are not sure of the answer you can wait for the second chance.

4.5. Tip 5: If you don't know the answer try to guess because is better than don't answer anything.

5. How is the FCE Listening Part 4 marked? You’re given one mark for each correct answer.