FCE Listening Part 4

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FCE Listening Part 4 by Mind Map: FCE Listening Part 4

1. General description of the task

1.1. You hear an interview or conversation (about 3 minutes long) and have to answer carefully. Like in the rest of the listening test, you have to recognize the distractors, listen for linking words, and understand the meaning of what the people are saying.

2. Number and type of questions (in this specific listening part).

2.1. In the FCE Listening part 4, you listen to an interview or a conversation. There’re seven questions that you have to answer by choosing one of the options A, B or C. You will hear the recording twice. In this section you will find 7 multiple choice questions.

3. Mark

4. For each correct answer a point will be scored, in case of having all correct answers there will be a total of 7 points.

5. Useful tips

5.1. Before listening, they give you the instructions and they are printed on your exam sheet. Start reading and listening to the instructions with all your attention. First, you understand the subject of a conversation which helps to make you think in the right direction. And second, you get immediately involved in the process of listening. Make good use of your time, read quickly but carefully and many times, underline key words. It is a conversation, so is important that both the interviewer’s questions and intervieweers answers are given close attention. You might hear all the key words mentioned in the questions and answers. You must understand up to what degree each idea in the answer refers to the question. I mean, try to get which one is the main and which is a secondary.