Nintendo Dolphin Island

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Nintendo Dolphin Island by Mind Map: Nintendo Dolphin Island

1. Science

1.1. Investigate characteristics of marine life

1.2. Research how marine based products are used in medicine

1.3. Find out more about the effects of climate change on the Ocean

2. Literacy

2.1. Read more about Marine adventurers

2.2. Create a diary of your mission

2.3. Tell the story as a character

3. Numeracy

3.1. Measuring distances

3.2. Investigate temperatures

3.3. Gather, sort and interpret information

4. The Arts

4.1. Experiment with instruments to make enviromental sounds

4.2. Create a dance to reflect the ideas and feelings of exploration

4.3. Develop artwork to express ideas about the context

5. Social Science

5.1. Investigate how people use natural resources to meet their needs

5.2. Explore an example of cause and effect

5.3. Reasearch an exploration and the challanges it involved

6. Technology

6.1. Design an outfit with attributes suitable for exploration travel

6.2. Investigate the development of survival equipment over the years

6.3. Develop a prototype of your design to evaluate