Tech Vs. Hunger

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Tech Vs. Hunger by Mind Map: Tech Vs. Hunger

1. Observe

1.1. Immerse yourself in the issue.

1.2. Understand and empathize with the victims.

1.3. Think of solutions on their terms, not yours.

2. What Works?

2.1. Opportunities for work.

2.2. Spaces for innovation.

2.3. Encouragement of progress.

3. What Doesn't?

3.1. Handouts promote laziness.

3.2. Gifts displace business.

3.3. Expensive solutions end up bust.

4. Build Cheaply

4.1. The impoverished can't purchase fancy solutions.

4.2. Simplicity fixes the short term, improvement fixes the long term.

4.3. Low cost, low price, high potential.

5. Invest Smartly

5.1. Invest in the individual.

5.2. Keep supply chains efficient.

5.3. Promote education and advancement.