Tech prom lab

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Tech prom lab by Mind Map: Tech prom lab

1. Problems

1.1. flood

1.2. a lot of waste

2. Technology

2.1. Pore Block

3. competitors



4. 3 main business process

4.1. Production block

4.1.1. Procurement raw material how do you collect material?

4.1.2. material transfor to factory How much costs?

4.1.3. Manufacturing management workers how many people work? management a mount of blocks how do you decide amount of blocks to production?

4.1.4. Storage Don't Order made?

4.2. Sales or Construction

4.2.1. Construction Plan request transfer the block to construction place Emply construction worker

4.2.2. Sales do you develop iOS or android application?

4.2.3. What information do you have when you receive an order?

4.3. marketing on SNS and Website

4.3.1. Promotion What social media use for marketing Example Create web site upload video on Youtube e.a. How do you evaluate the marketing on internet?

4.3.2. Selling

4.3.3. Pricing

4.3.4. Product management

5. Customer

5.1. BtoB

5.1.1. Company School parking general Company

5.1.2. Government park loads street river

5.1.3. the way to get Order

5.2. BtoC

5.2.1. general house hold

5.3. different betwenn BtoB and BtoC

5.3.1. What is different between BtoB and BtoC on receive an order, perform construction?

6. Data

6.1. price

6.2. Earnings

6.3. Custmer

6.3.1. person age local Where did you know about product men/women