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Corculture by Mind Map: Corculture

1. Spirituality

1.1. Radical acceptance

1.1.1. Surrender Non-preference of views

1.1.2. Mindfulness Stillness

1.2. What serves you?

1.2.1. Three wholesome roots Generosity Wisdom Non-ranking Compassion Loving-kindness Self compassion

1.2.2. Radical honesty

1.3. Practice

1.3.1. Meditation

1.3.2. The Work Inquiry Judge your neighbor Turnarounds

2. Science

2.1. Play

2.1.1. Explore

2.1.2. Guess

2.1.3. Take notes

2.2. Experiment

2.2.1. Reproducibility Radical openness Method Statistics

2.3. Radical acceptance

3. Impact

3.1. Works

3.1.1. Relieving egregious suffering

3.2. Efficacy

3.2.1. Leadership principles Customer obsession Think big Disagree and commit Ownership Invent and simplify Hire and develop the best Learn and be curious Insist on highest standards Bias for action Frugality Earn trust Dive deep Deliver results

3.3. Influence

3.3.1. Education

3.3.2. Marketing Deep canvassing Presuasion Six factors of influence Commitment Social proof Authority Liking Reciprocity Scarcity