Digital marketing (DM) Agency

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Digital marketing (DM) Agency by Mind Map: Digital marketing (DM) Agency

1. Digital assets

1.1. Develop and manage digital assets (like an EAP website?) and social media (FB, LI)

1.2. If yes, we would ask for online marketing, SEO, managing content (which they would be developing in part with some of the other activities on this board) and providing data reports (visits, location of visitors, etc.)

1.3. EAP branding

1.3.1. Brainstorming

1.3.2. Branding strategy proposal

1.3.3. Visual identity creation (logo, typeface, communication)

1.4. Production (brochures, posters, roll ups...)

1.5. Website EAP

1.5.1. Structure

1.5.2. Regular update

1.6. Social networks

1.6.1. Regular update

1.7. IF/Serbia startups database

1.7.1. Success stories

1.7.2. General info, valuation, investments...

1.7.3. Portfolio companies as a way to promote the ecosystem

1.8. Regular interviews with founders/investors

1.9. Online marketing strategy (EAP promotion)