Cultural Transformation

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Cultural Transformation by Mind Map: Cultural Transformation

1. Engaged Cultures

1.1. Values-driven

1.2. Mission focused

1.3. Vision-guiden

2. Culture Change

2.1. This initiative is to find what is working and not working, in the organization by redefining your culture

3. Changing ideas

3.1. Could be increasing engagement levels and job satisfaction

3.2. It's important to consider how this changes affect

3.2.1. Changing too quickly can isolate you employees and customers who don't recognize you anymore

4. Values

4.1. Straregy

4.2. Systems

4.3. Analysis

4.4. Reward

4.5. Policies

4.6. Procedures

5. Corporate Culture

5.1. This strategy will outline the way you want to interact with you team and how your team interacts with your clients