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Fitness Trainer by Mind Map: Fitness Trainer

1. History

1.1. How long have you been a fitness trainer?

1.2. Where did the origin word of fitness and trainer come from?

2. Education Requirements

2.1. What type of education did you complete to become a fitness trainer?

2.2. What is the educational requirement to become a fitness trainer

3. Benefits & Compensation

3.1. What are the benefits of becoming a fitness trainer?

3.2. What is the average salary for a fitness trainer?

3.3. What is your salary range as fitness trainer?

4. Duties & Responsibilities

4.1. As a fitness trainer do you find it difficult to cope with your duties and responsibilities?

4.2. What are the duties and responsibilities of a fitness trainer?

4.3. Is being discipline part of the job?

5. Relevance to Society

5.1. Can being a fitness trainer be beneficial for those around you?

5.2. Being a fitness trainer, how do you deal with the negative opinions of others?

5.3. What are the downsides of being a fitness trainer?

6. Career Progression

6.1. Personally what type of environment would you prefer as a fitness trainer?

6.2. Can social media be a factor to expand fitness training?

6.3. Is consulting part of being a fitness trainer?