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PhD Thesis by Mind Map: PhD Thesis

1. Title

1.1. To study the employee experience in the Information Technology (IT) Industry.

2. Research Questions

2.1. 1.What is the ideal employee experience in today’s workplace? 2.How leadership, communication, relationship, recognition and work-life balance has affected the employee experience? 3.What is the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in the life of employees? 4.How the organization responded to the Pandemic Crisis?

3. Research Objectives

3.1. 1.To study the socio-demographic details of the respondents. 2.To study the effect of leadership, communication, relationship, recognition, work-life balance on employee experience. 3.To understand the impact of pandemic in the life of employees with special focus on workload, physical detachment, anxiety, health and safety. 4.To record employer’s response to improve the working conditions and handling the issues faced by employees during the COVID-19 Crisis

4. Key Words

4.1. Employee Experience, Employee engagement, COVID – 19 pandemic, IT Sector

5. Methodology

5.1. Research Design: Cross-sectional Descriptive Research Design

5.2. Unit of Study: An employee, a male or a female, working in Infopark or Technopark in the state of Kerala

6. Sampling

6.1. Method: Simple Random Sampling

6.2. Size: 500 Employees, 100 Employers

7. Source of Data

7.1. Primary source

7.1.1. Employees: Questionnaire method

7.1.2. Employers: Interview Method

7.2. Secondary Source

7.2.1. Books

7.2.2. Dissertations

7.2.3. Journals

7.2.4. Websites

7.2.5. Company reports .