Music Venues - The effects of covid during and after.

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Music Venues - The effects of covid during and after. by Mind Map: Music Venues - The effects of covid during and after.

1. What is it like for independent venues a year later? Covid and music: A year without gigs for independent venues

1.1. COVID-19: Scenes like this will be a thing of the past unless venues get more help, say club owners

1.2. Why live streaming will still play it's role after Covid - Why live streaming concerts and plays will continue long after in-person performances return

1.3. Nightlife Birmingham - Snobs nightclub sells out reopening night in 37 minutes

2. When will music venues & clubs reopen and what will gigs be like post lockdown? When will music venues and clubs reopen?

2.1. Live Music Industry respond to Boris Covid 19 recovery map - Live music industry responds to Boris Johnson’s COVID-19 recovery roadmap

2.1.1. Welcome - Music industry cautiously welcomes plan for lifting England’s COVID lockdown, but says more financial support required | Complete Music Update

2.2. UK Music Venues to trial a new passport to reopening live music safely - UK music venues to trial 'health passports' to "reopen live music safely"

2.3. We're not safe -Music venues after a year of lockdown: "We're not safe yet – we're on the edge" | NME

2.3.1. Risk Assessment - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risk Assessment for Music Venues & Musicians | The MU

2.4. Venues - Music venues in England 'should be able to put on concerts this summer'

3. How has our Music Venues being affected during covid - How do the new coronavirus tiers affect live music and performing arts in the UK?

3.1. Music venues could stay open pass 10pm curfew once the event had started - Music venues can stay open past the 10pm curfew – as long as the show has already started | NME

3.2. What do the Covid-19 tiers mean for London's music venues?

3.2.1. Late night Music Venues - Nightclubs face 'extinction' due to Covid, industry chiefs warn

3.3. Covid has decimated the live music business – and its unsung heroes | Michelle Kambasha

4. Has the Mayor of London or UK Government pledged or invested any financial support for Music Venues post Covid 19 - Mayor to invest £6m to get people back into central London once restrictions lifted | London Business News |

4.1. Campaign to save UK venues from closing are working but still needs help - Campaign to save hundreds of UK venues from “closing forever” is working – but still needs support

4.2. Stars back plea to support UK live Music Industry -Stars back plea to support UK live music industry

4.3. The UK Government has pledged over £1 billion to support the arts which includes Music Venues - The UK government has pledged over £1 billion to support arts venues

4.4. Cultural Recovery fund - COVID-19: Culture Recovery Fund - Committees - UK Parliament