Chapter 2 Recent trends in materials

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Chapter 2 Recent trends in materials by Mind Map: Chapter 2 Recent trends in materials

1. Coursebooks

1.1. key features

1.1.1. it depends on the textbooks

1.2. Dominant claims

1.2.1. Multi-syllabus Natural Approach Grammar syllabus Lexical Syllabus

1.2.2. Task based Taks led

1.2.3. Learner styles, learning strategies Focused on Learners

1.2.4. Authentic materials and The internet VLE today's trend with virtual environments MLE Traditional in class with copies and extra material. Not used a lot since the pandemic we have moved to VLE

1.2.5. Multi-level materials for schools with mixed levels

1.2.6. Summary On- line materials with a mixture of all the above.

2. Supplementary materials

2.1. Blended learning

2.1.1. using computer or smartphones, Sat TV

2.2. Skills work

2.2.1. Based on course books focused on language use.

3. Framework (teaching strategies)

3.1. Intralingual----crosslingual

3.1.1. Intralingual is taken as "direct method"

3.1.2. Crosslingual "Grammar Translation Method"

3.2. Explicit---Implicit

3.2.1. Explicit (grammar translation and cognitive code)

3.2.2. Implicit (audiolingualism and CLT)

3.3. Analytic----- Experimental

3.3.1. Analytic (techniques of study)

3.3.2. Experimental (practice of elements)