Education towards Reconciliation

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Education towards Reconciliation by Mind Map: Education towards Reconciliation

1. Settler Teachers

1.1. Forging authentic and respectful relationships with FNMI Peoples and communities

1.1.1. Giving Back to Communities not Just Taking

1.1.2. Inviting Speakers to Speak at School (and compensating them fairly)

1.2. Self Reflection

1.2.1. Implicit Biases

1.2.2. Identifying Ignorance

1.3. Personal Learning Journey

1.3.1. Professional Development

1.3.2. Using Resources from FNMI Authors

1.3.3. Learning from Local FNMI Communities

1.3.4. Taking Initiative to Overcome Ignorance

1.4. Engaging in Social Justice Initiatives

1.4.1. Demonstrating to Students How to Take Social Justice Action

1.4.2. Engage Students in Social Justice Action

1.5. Adopt Culturally Relevant Pedagogies

2. Settler Students

2.1. Being Taught More Accurate Information About FNMI Histories and Relationships with Settlers From K-12

3. Curriculum Revisions

3.1. Includes More FNMI Knowledges and Histories Across Curriculum

3.2. More FNMI Peoples Involved In Curriculum Development

4. FNMI Representation

4.1. More FNMI Peoples in Positions of Power in Education

4.2. More FNMI Teachers

4.3. More FNMI Peoples Running Professional Development Workshops