WIWC Monthly Project Planning

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WIWC Monthly Project Planning by Mind Map: WIWC Monthly Project Planning

1. 1) Identify Featured Nonprofits

1.1. A) Look at calendar of Initiaves each month 10th - system is supposed to be sent to each nonprofit that has indicated they want to be featured (zoho)

1.2. B) Make sure emails have been sent to nonprofits with initiatives (this will be a link to one.zoho.com - forthcoming)

1.2.1. B-1) In email will be 4 links to optional initiaitives B-2) We will recieve these email responses that have the kind of initiative they want and answers to the questions - which will be used for the social media and ad preparation

2. 2) Communicate

2.1. A) We have to make sure that we have communicated with the nonprofits for confirmation - 10th of preceding month

2.1.1. A-1) In email we need to let them know they can have a campaign sponsor - logo and link at the bottom of the campaign page

2.2. B) Communicate with email to nonprofit expectations and what they should do to prepare for a successful campaign, this is in the Dropbox

3. 4) Follow Up

3.1. A) Once ad is approved, send email with copy of ad to each participating nonprofit

4. 3) Execute

4.1. A) Fill out form for the Source ad

4.1.1. A-1) As the previous form is being filled out, locate logos for each nonprofit and place into a folder - this will be sent to the Source as well. A-2) Document with text + folder of images needs to be sent to the Source - [email protected]/[email protected] - the Friday before the first Thursday of the first Thursday of the next month

4.2. B) Create social media images - FB & IG

4.2.1. B-1) Tutorial on how to create the images for FB & IG B-3) Need to create a calendar of when social media posts will be made - I signed up for Later - linked to @WIWCofficial

5. CHECKLIST (need to create this to be used for each month - then saved)