How to expand your English vocabulary

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How to expand your English vocabulary by Mind Map: How to expand your English vocabulary

1. 1. write down new words in your vocabulary book

2. 2.check how to pronounce these words in online dictionary

3. 3. read the words aloud a few times

4. 4.cover translation into Russian and check if you can translate the words from English

5. 5. cover the words in English and check if you remember the translation from Russian

6. 6. mark the words you remember / don't remember in the two columns of your vocabulary book - or +

7. 7. read aloud the words you don't remember a few more times and put away your vocabulary book for the next day

8. 8. check yourself again on the next day

9. 9. make up examples with the words you still don't remember and write them down in your vocabulary book