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1. Structural features of CW

1.1. are formed with help of free stems: anyway, laptop

1.2. used pattern is two-stem pattern: chatter-bpx, seaport

2. Formation of CW

2.1. composition: greenhouse

2.2. conversion from a phrase: a stay-at-home

2.3. back formation: a baby sitter-to baby sit

3. Classification of CW

3.1. Neutral CW

3.1.1. formed by joining together 2 stems without any joining morphemes: hair-do, air-tight, to double-click, anyway, anyone

3.2. Morphological type of compounds

3.2.1. stems are joined be means of a wovel/consonant: Anglo-Saxon

3.3. Compound-derived words

3.3.1. composition+derivation: long-legged

3.4. Compound-shortened words

3.4.1. composition+shortenings: TV-set

4. Shortenings

4.1. Lexical shortenings

4.1.1. Clipped words Aphaeresis is clipping of the 1st part of the word: history-story, defence-fence Syncope is clipping of the middle of the word: mathematics-maths Apocope is clipping of the last letter or syllable: photograph-photo, advertisment-ad The combination of aphaeresis with apocope is clipping of the beginning and the end of the word: influenza-flu, refrigerator-frige

4.1.2. Initial shortenings Alphabetical pronunciation: SOS, BBC Acronyms: NATO, UNO, UNESCO

4.2. Spelling shortenings

4.2.1. Latin:a.m/p.m; i.e.,e.g.

4.2.2. Native Spelling Shortenings: Mr, Mrs, Ms, min, sec, cm, PhD, capt., Dept.

5. Secondary ways of word-building

5.1. Sound interchange

5.1.1. used to built different words and word forms through the changes of the sound form of roots: to sing - song, to breathe - breath

5.2. Stress interchange

5.2.1. as a result of stress interchange we have vowel interchange as well: 'present-to pre'sent

5.3. Reduplication

5.3.1. new words are formed by repeating one and the samw syllable or a whole stem: fifty-fifty, knock-knock

5.4. Sound imitation

5.4.1. the naming of action by more or less exact reproduction of sound: to sneeze, to whisper

5.5. Blending

5.5.1. smog=smoke+fog, motel=motor+hotel

5.6. Redistribution

5.6.1. the result of misunderstanding structure, the boarder between the indefinite article and the noun is misunderstood: an eke name - nick name, a napron - an apron, a nadder - an adder