Articles and Nouns

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Articles and Nouns by Mind Map: Articles and Nouns

1. Articles and Nouns

1.1. A car

2. 1. Your own definition about grammar, in 30 words.

2.1. Grammar is the study of the rules and principles that govern the use of languages and the organization of words within sentences and other types of syntactic constituents. This is also the name given to the set of rules and principles that govern the use of a specific language; thus, each language has its own grammar.

3. Prescriptive Grammar

3.1. Prescriptive grammar is a set of rules created to label grammar constructions as "correct" or "incorrect". Strictly following the prescriptive grammar of a language is associated with a formal or written speech.

3.1.1. For example: -Could you / could you possibly pass the salt to me?

4. Descriptive Grammar

4.1. Most native speakers of a language (even those without a formal education) have an intuitive sense of "good" sounding grammatical structures. These sentences may not follow the rules of prescriptive grammar, but they are widely used and understood by speakers of that language. Descriptive grammar studies these non-prescriptive constructions.

4.1.1. For example : Hence comes the custom of taking blessed bread


5.1. An idiom

5.1.1. The television

5.2. A pencil

6. Nouns: A noun is a word used to name a person (doctor), an object (toy), a creature (cow), a place (park), a quality (beauty), phenomena (tsunami) and an abstract idea (happiness).