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1. The

1.1. The phone is new, The library is around the corner, The kitchen is clean today

2. An

2.1. An idiom, An apple, An hour

3. A

3.1. A woman, A book, A dress

4. Collective nouns

5. Compound noun

5.1. Common noun, Propper noun

6. Possessive noun

6.1. Singular, Plura, Irregular

7. Uncountable nouns

8. Plural nouns

9. Singular nouns

10. Abstract nouns

11. Concrete nouns

12. Nouns

13. Definite

14. Indefinite

15. Articles

16. Example: possibly grammatical according to style/register, dialect. 1. I DIDN´T SEE ANYBODY 2. I DIDN´T SEE NOBODY

17. Example: 1. SHE DOESN´T KNOWN HIM 2. SHE DON´T KNOWN HIM Example 1, is supposed to be good, while 2 is supposed to be bad

18. Definition: That part of the study of language which deals with the forms and structure of words with their customary arrangement in phrases and sentences and now often with language sounds and word meanings

19. Prescriptive Grammar: This grammar is intended to study the rules for the appropriate use of the language

20. Descriptive Grammar This grammar refers to the representation of language structures that people use correctly or if not