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Humble Growth Partners by Mind Map: Humble Growth Partners

1. Business Development

1.1. Business Questionnaire

1.1.1. List of services Preferences Demographic Info

1.2. Business Email

1.2.1. Create New Gmail sync to phone

1.2.2. Update Existing Email

1.3. Google My Business

1.3.1. Build Business Profile Initialize Verification (mailed to client)

1.4. Google Domains

1.4.1. Domain Purchase

1.4.2. Free webpage

1.5. Google Sites

1.5.1. Leverage business questionaire

1.5.2. box theory

1.5.3. free domain through google mention google domains

1.6. General Business Resources

1.6.1. Organizational tools

1.6.2. Custom Resource Documents

1.6.3. Introduction to useful Apps

1.6.4. Video Conferencing Simulation

1.7. Advanced Features

1.7.1. Setting up calendly

1.7.2. Google Analytics

2. Company Website

2.1. Home Page

2.1.1. About Us

2.1.2. Mission Statement

2.1.3. Values

2.1.4. General Site Outline

2.2. Resources (Free)

2.2.1. Intro Specifying who we are directing our efforts to

2.2.2. Starting a business getting an ein (general links) filing paperwork to make company (general links)

2.2.3. Connecting Online Importance/intro Website building tools Google Sites Google My Business Other: Wix, Wordpress, etc

2.2.4. Marketing Resources Google Templates Recommended Sites Canva Website

2.3. Contact Us

2.3.1. Virtual Services Encouraged

2.3.2. Local Areas We Service (potentially)

2.3.3. Meet the Team Co-Founder Intros Pictures Professional Outlines Simple personal page Team Goal Statement "Connect for network building"

2.3.4. Contact Info

2.4. Blog

2.4.1. Our experience using the free resources listed above / short Screenshots of the process Youtube videos

2.5. Services

2.5.1. "If you don't feel comfortable or don't have time, feel free to reach out and we'll take care of the process for you" Reiterate resources are free Clearly state price Clearly State Services / Time Turnaround Offer source to connect Email Calender/Calendly Auto Appointment

2.5.2. Price $150 total (need to vote on this) clearly shown in this section/expectation outline expense report for client make it funny Expense Report: $150 Miguel Kristian Erick

3. Future Work

3.1. Humble UpGrowth (HUG)