Types of Assessment

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Types of Assessment by Mind Map: Types of Assessment

1. Traditional Assessment

1.1. contrived activity

1.2. indirect evidence of mastery

1.3. teacher-structure

2. Authentic Assessment

2.1. activity emulates real life

2.2. direct evidence of mastery

2.3. student-structure

3. Formative Evaluation

3.1. informal

3.2. flexible and adaptable

3.3. highly specific and individual

4. Summative Evaluation

4.1. formal

4.2. rigid and highly structured

4.3. general and group orientation

5. Norm-referenced Assessment

5.1. measures individual differences in achievement

5.2. compares performance to that of other individual

5.3. covers a broad area of achievement

6. Criterion-referenced Assessment

6.1. describes tasks students can perform

6.2. compares performance to a clearly specified achievement domain

6.3. focuses on a limited set of learning tasks

7. Contextualized Assessment

7.1. focuses on the students’ construction of functioning knowledge and performance in application of knowledge in the real world context

7.2. reflects the goal of learning

7.3. uses performance-based tasks which are authentic in nature

8. Decontextualized Assessment

8.1. includes written exams and term paper

8.2. focuses on declarative knowledge and/ or procedural knowledge in artificial situations

8.3. do not necessarily have a direct connection to a real-life context

9. Analytic Assessment

9.1. adaptable

9.2. links instruction

9.3. gives formative feedback

10. Holistic Assessment

10.1. a global approach in the assessment of a student learning outcome

10.2. could be in the form of reflection papers and journals, peer assessment, self- assessment, group presentation and portfolio

10.3. good summative assessment