Role of citizen in society

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Role of citizen in society by Mind Map: Role of citizen in society

1. Role of organized groups

1.1. Citizens with common interests organize themselves into groups and help each other. Groups can have bigger effect because they can do more things, create more ideas and build more resources. Groups can be formal or informal.

1.1.1. formal groups can organize clear objectives and are registered with the government. Organisations can address a wide range of interests such as people with special needs and protecting wild life. Examples: Autism Resource Centre, wwf and nature society(singapore)

1.1.2. Informal groups have organisations which have short term objectives related to issues that arise suddenly. Temporally formed and may not be registered. Created when a situation occurs or when there an emergency need in a specific area

2. -volunteering your time, effort and money towards meaningful cause. -Because you feel that your actions can help or benefit others. -Because you hope others can do what you are doing. -you feel a sense of belonging strengthen, you have the role to play in the development of the country and improving the lives of others.

3. role of an individual

4. contributing to the needs of society

5. Influencing government decisions

5.1. As an individual, Singaporeans can participate in the citizen engagement exercise called "Our Singapore Conversation' as this exercise allows citizens to come together to share personal views and ideas about things related to Singapore. Read more about "Our Singapore" p89-90

5.2. As an organised group, the efforts of the non-government organisations and voluntary welfare organisations can also help to improve government policies and highlight areas which need urgent attention

6. strengthening citizen's sense of belonging

6.1. it means developing stong attachment to the country and feeling proud to be a citizen. This can be done by being involved in the sharing and the discussions of views related to the future of Singapore. Citizens can use the media to engage with the government and political leaders