Newspaper/Magazine Articles

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Newspaper/Magazine Articles by Mind Map: Newspaper/Magazine Articles

1. Newspapers

1.1. Formal

1.1.1. Informative language as opposed to images Ethos Enumeration Appeal to authority Facts and statistics Not intended to be entertaining or fun to read

1.2. Broad audience

1.2.1. Contain news and developments on ongoing global-social issues Articles are generally shorter and more concise

1.3. Simple columnar design

1.4. Shorter more concise articles

1.5. Not necessarily eye-catching, but do have hooks in terms of the heading or opening line

1.6. Neutral or impartial approach to a topic

1.6.1. Not meant to influence opinions in a specific way

2. Magazines

2.1. Tends to use more informal and gossip style of diction/language

2.2. Magazines often tend to be very humorous and provide entertainment to a larger target audience

2.3. Magazines often are designed and created so that the audience can link back to them. Hence, they make use of celebrity photos, cars, fashion trends and etc

2.4. They target a very specific audience which is done through the particular information given in the article itself

2.5. Often they make use pathos to portray an emotional standpoint on a certain topic

2.6. When it comes to socio-cultural and political issues, go further in depth, and provide a more analytical standpoint

2.7. In depth and complex design

2.8. Often very biased

3. Similarities

3.1. Both are made for a large audience

3.2. Include headlines, captions, subheadings, dates, authorship/editors, etc.

3.3. Although in different ways, both are used as a source of information to the general public regarding a topic.

3.4. Meant to be quick and consumable

3.5. Both are often created so that the audience can refer to them