Which bag should you use?

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Which bag should you use? by Mind Map: Which bag should you use?

1. Paper Bag

1.1. made from wood pulp, a single paper bag can be responsible for about 5.5 kg of carbon dioxide.

2. Plastic Bag

2.1. made of high-density polythylene, commonly known as HDPE, producing this material requires extracting petroleum from the ground and applying extreme heat. it's contributed an estimated 1.6 kg of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

3. Cotton Bag

3.1. an extremely energy and water intensive process, a single cotton tote emits an estimated 272 kg of carbon dioxide.

4. Which bag should you use?

4.1. Durable and Reusable

4.2. Cotton but made of Plastic

4.3. Lower carbon footprint than cotton or paper

5. Shopping bags consist of?