Tool to help build knowledge and insight

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Tool to help build knowledge and insight by Mind Map: Tool to help build knowledge and insight

1. Empathise

1.1. Has anxiety

1.1.1. Gets stressed out quickly if has to organize something

1.2. Likes writing

1.3. Has depression

1.4. Wants to learn a lot of different subjects

1.5. Likes to brainstorm a lot

1.6. A designer and developer

1.7. Wants to be an independent thinker

1.8. Wants to be an influencer, share my thoughts

1.9. Loves to build stuff

1.10. Wants to live life based on ideas created and shared, so being innovative is crucial

2. Define

2.1. Most of knowledge and ideas I have are written notes (digital and paper)

2.2. I feel like my ideas don't evolve, I just write them down, but I am not constantly viewing and updating and connecting them - need to create the behavior of nurturing this database to create valuable stuff

2.3. What I want is to transform what I learn into knowledge to make it replicable and use it to think better and create stuff

2.4. What I want is to capture everything that inspires me and gives me ideas of stuff to build. This way I can merge and transform simple things into brilliant ideas

2.5. Apps I tried

2.5.1. Notion Flexible to the point of become daunting It doesn't have a way of seeing all notes or creating some kind of relation between them It is not visual regarding the notes contents It uses only a binary approach to notes Allows infinite amount of nesting, which hides things and make pages feel big for small notes Greate database system

2.5.2. Walling Super visual Good idea of having an explorer to see note relationships Poor metaphor, difficult to understand A little (just a little) too complex - maybe cause of the metaphor

2.6. Too strict, no free manipulation of notes (drag and drop)

2.7. The same way I'm always is my brain, it must be with me to help in all contexts. Like it is really an extension of myself

2.8. What type of content do I store?

2.8.1. Links to read later

2.8.2. Movies to watch

2.8.3. Random lists

2.8.4. Ideas

2.8.5. Notes from learning material

2.8.6. Inspiration

2.9. Goal: Extract value from information, be it knowledge or ideas

3. Ideate

3.1. A note-taking app

3.2. A mobile app

3.2.1. Voice activation

3.2.2. Quick capture through widget or notification bar

3.3. An IoT app

3.4. A web-clipper

3.5. An Inbox for new items by default

3.6. A category for the uncategorized stuff (like a messy drawer)

3.7. Notes explorer (relations, categories, tags)

3.8. Adaptative views depending of context (editing, labeling, looking for relations, summarizing, brainstorming, etc)

3.8.1. Formalize framework?

3.9. Able to manipulate notes by drag and dropping them

3.10. Note history - including connections

3.11. it must be a helper, a complement (not substitute) for our brains. Where our brains let us down, this app will keep us up.

3.11.1. Our brains are great at recognizing patterns, learning, generating ideas, connecting information, etc. Storing random information isn't valuable to me.

3.12. Self organize in some way - it is where I spend most of my time

3.13. Feature to connect and comment connections

3.14. Version control for notes

3.15. Create "pages" using notes as building blocks

3.15.1. And when modifiying note in the scope of document, do not modify the original and the reverse is true. It's a copy with a link to the source also storing in which iteration it was copied and branched