Intellectual Autobiography Concept Map

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Intellectual Autobiography Concept Map by Mind Map: Intellectual Autobiography Concept Map

1. Me:

1.1. Place and Date of Birth

1.2. Mobile AL. May 10,2000

2. Growing Up:

2.1. Played 3 sports: soccer, basketball, and track

2.2. Grow up in a nice home with mom, dad, and older brother

2.3. Neighborhood very big located on the water , very quiet and peaceful not many kids in the neighborhood

3. Key Events :

3.1. Graduating High School

3.2. First Job

3.3. First Apartment

4. Before Entering College

4.1. Playing Sports

4.2. Was only looking at one university which was LSU

4.3. Had plans on playing soccer until serious injury

4.4. No back up plan

4.5. Chose ASU because it was close to home and I had family that lived here

5. Family

5.1. Mom

5.1.1. Graduated from Alabama State University in 1983 majoring in Elementary development now has a job as a 5th grade teacher Dad Graduated from Alabama A&M 1994 majoring in forestry now has a job as an safety manager

6. Influential People

6.1. Who do I admire ?

6.1.1. I admire my mother because she is the strong minded and most caring person that I hope to become and more one day Who inspires me to succeed? My parents inspire me to succeed. when i was young growing up in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house, they always said things were going to be better one day. When i was 7 years old we moved into our newly built home designed by my parents. They worked very hard to get where they are today and I hope to one day be able to do the same for my family "With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Mark 10:27. This verse motivates me because nothing is impossible without God because of the love he has for us. If something is in his will nothing can stop it from being done.

7. Intellectual Journey Prior to interdisciplinary Studies

7.1. How did I develop interest to be an athletic trainer ?

7.2. playing sports, getting injured, started caring more about my health and how to prevent injuries, watching athletic trainers on the field helping injured players, see how the athletes trusted the athletic trainers to care for them.

8. Interdisciplinary Studies

8.1. I chose interdisciplinary studies because Alabama State did not offer the program for me to be able to become an athletic trainer. Taking courses in the BIS program allows me to get the proper credits I need to be able to move on to a athletic training graduate program.

8.1.1. My two concentrations

8.1.2. Psychology

8.1.3. Physical Education How I will use my BIS degree? After graduating with my BIS degree I would like to further my education at an university with a 2 year graduate program for athletic training that will allow me to receive my masters degree. While in school I would like to be able to work with the athletic trainers for a more hands on approach and once I graduate I would like to be able to start my career full time.

9. Interdisciplinary problems/ topics that I'm interested in pursuing.

9.1. I would like to be able to start my own athletic training business and also have sports psychologist, This business will allow me to be able to let high school and college students shadow athletic trainers working with high school college or even professional sports for a more hands on experience. I also would like to have a sports psychologist working at the business to be able to provide support to athletes who are affected mentally because of their injuries or any other problems going on.

9.2. The environment is continuously getting worse day by day due to people unsustainable ways of living. The world is constantly evolving when it comes to technology, fashion and many other things, but what people don't understand were constantly having to burn fossil fuels to create these new things , which is dangerous to our environment. If we keep up with these unstainable acts we can end up damaging the world more than it already is. 5 years ago we were in the same predicament i believe it's getting worse due to the advanced technology. This topic has impacted me in a positive way, it has allowed me to practice more sustainable acts and also talk to others on how to live more sustainable, because some people aren't aware. If I had the power to change anything it would to be more vocal about the problems in the environment and try to start support groups to inform people more about the environment and how they can contribute to a sustainable way of living to protect the environment that we all live in.

10. How I plan on using the course work in my program of study?

10.1. I plan on using this course work to expand my knowledge and to be able to continue my education on to graduate school.

11. Worldview : The Environment