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Lunatrips - Campervans & Yachts Network by Mind Map: Lunatrips - Campervans & Yachts Network

1. Address: Leof. Eyelpidon 126 Athens Attica 166 72 Greece Phone: 21 0897 9572 Website: As soon as we disembarked on this island in 2005 for the very first time, Crete came to be the shelter we have excitedly been looking for; not only as a location to spend our holidays on but also as an authentic paradise where everything is possible. However, we do not abandon neither our birth city and second Luna base, that of Athens, nor the stunning Peloponnese and Evia island which still play an important role as the beginning of our childhood's greatest memories and campers secrets. After spending more than twenty years in sports management, catamaran sailing and yachting business, providing camping on the sea to adventurous tourists, we combined our love for elegant compact motorhomes/automobiles and versatile flexible converted vans.