lesson plan

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lesson plan by Mind Map: lesson plan

1. synchronous activity

1.1. What students are doing to learn together at the same time?

2. introduction

3. Learner objectives

3.1. students should be answered these three questions: 1-What am I learning? 2-Why am I learning it? 3-how I will that I have learned it?

4. connection

4.1. How you will keep students connected to each other and to you?

5. focus activity

5.1. Activity to help students focus in on the learning.

6. topic/ unit of study

7. length of study

8. content time

9. asynchronous actitivity

9.1. What students are doing individually or in small groups to learn outside class of time?

10. closing

11. assessment

12. reflection

13. additional resources

14. important reminder

14.1. Deadlines, Reminders, etc.

15. where to go for help