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Future Self by Mind Map: Future Self

1. Lifestyle Changes

1.1. Health

1.1.1. Cycle more

1.1.2. Eat more outside food It has been a while since I ate food outside home Eating becomes less boring

1.2. Time Management

1.2.1. I will probably be late for things because I'm getting used too being reminded by my phone

2. Coding

2.1. More creative because of the inspirations outside

2.2. Less time coding, because I will not be able to code while outside

3. Friends

3.1. Meet up more often with less worry getting sick

3.2. Less social interactions after school

3.3. Harder to interact because the times where we were used to talking to each other physically has passed

4. School

4.1. I need to wake up earlier

4.1.1. I need to sleep earlier because of this Less time to call

5. Family

5.1. More family meetings

5.1.1. More boring hours of conversation

6. Charachter

6.1. More patient in the future, because

6.1.1. There are less things you need to wait for at home

6.1.2. I will be used to staying at a building or home so ill definitly be inpatient waiting for the traffic

6.2. More wise in the future, because

6.2.1. In these two years I probably made 400% less desicions

6.3. More active in the future, because

6.3.1. At home all you can do is just do nothing and all the things we do is probably walk to the dining table and go back to our rooms to attend online meetings So ill definitely walk back and forth less

7. Spiritually

7.1. I mean it has definitely degraded by a ton during these 2 years

7.2. Do you see yourself being closer with God?

7.2.1. Probably?

7.3. More able to see things from his perspective?

7.3.1. Yes, for this current time its dull

8. Other

8.1. Better handwriting in the future, because

8.1.1. I mean how much times have you written at least 3 sentences in a day with a pen on pencil now.

8.2. Better grammer

8.2.1. Most activities at online lessons can just be corrected

8.3. Less stressed

8.3.1. Less time for me to spend with my little brother so I don't need to deal with them

8.3.2. More time spending on nature, nature usually makes me less stressed and I like looking at mountains and other things