RPTS 402 Lakewalk

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RPTS 402 Lakewalk by Mind Map: RPTS 402 Lakewalk

1. Wellness

1.1. farm-to-table restaurant

1.2. trails

1.2.1. biking and walking; could create more trails

1.3. outdoor activities

1.3.1. walking, paddle boarding, yoga classes

1.4. encourage paddle boarding/canoeing on the lake

1.4.1. many people don't know you can do this, put a picture up showing that you can

2. Socialization

2.1. open areas for people to hang out on

2.1.1. open green space, turf area, gravel area, dock by the lake

2.2. benches for people to sit and chat

2.2.1. coffee shop, gravel area

2.3. coffee shop for students to study at

2.3.1. could extend the WIFI to outdoor area for students

3. Community

3.1. increase knowledge of various activities hosted at Lakewalk

3.2. advertise events more

3.2.1. advertise to the college students who are out there all the time

3.2.2. utilize social media more

3.3. events for college students and older adults

3.3.1. plan events for all ages such as farmers markets or fall festivals

3.3.2. host a drive-in movie night; movie for most ages like Disney or Pixar

3.3.3. stage area can be utilized for more concerts