Team Thoroughbred NSW

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Team Thoroughbred NSW by Mind Map: Team Thoroughbred NSW

1. Broodmares & Recep Mares

1.1. Owner Details

1.1.1. updated at TTNS/ SNS

1.2. Rejection of registering a racehorse on RA

1.3. TTNSW Terms of purchasing

1.3.1. Owner 1 - Bill of Sale T&C Owner 2 - Details provided to TTNSW as stated in Bill of Sale for new owner and horse location. Owner 3 - no contractual agreement in place ?

1.4. 209 Listed mares with TTNSW - TBC suitable for breeding.

2. Equine Welfare & Training Academy Education Tent

2.1. Branded pop up marquee 3x3

2.2. Brochures

2.2.1. Stablehand

2.2.2. Trackwork Rider

2.2.3. Jockey

2.2.4. Equine Welfare & Rehoming

2.3. Equisizer

2.4. Training Academy & Equine Welfare Rep

2.4.1. Dan

2.4.2. LaToyah

2.5. TTNSW Slideshow

2.6. RACING NSW - Equizer Grants

3. Sponsorship

3.1. Eventing Series

3.2. Prize Packs x100

3.3. Equestrian Business Grants?

4. Does your racehorse have a retirement plan?

4.1. Yearling Sales

4.2. Breeding avenues

4.3. Trainers & Owners?

5. Excluded List

5.1. What is the process?

5.1.1. Available on the website?

5.2. How to report a concern

5.2.1. [email protected]

5.3. What qualifies as excluded

5.3.1. Welfare lodgement requirements

5.4. How do you get off the excluded list

5.5. Can we add retrainers to this list?

6. TTNSW Digital Horse ID Cards

6.1. Each horse has a digital ID card.

6.1.1. New owners can transfer these cards between owners. Assist with broodmares labelling as TTNSW horses / rejected for RA registration etc

7. TTNSW Horse Training Assessment

7.1. 3 month training program $1500- $2000 SOLD

7.2. How do we identify riding school & RDA horses?

7.3. Companion Horse Strategy

7.4. Broodmare Strategy

7.5. How do we manage horses not suitable once sold for rehoming?

8. Sydney Thoroughbred Retrainers

8.1. Who qualifies for this?

8.1.1. Recognised by TTNW - Stewards - Welfare Vets - Property Managers - HQ

8.2. Recognised TTNSW satellite retrainers - 5 horses at a time (5 retrainers?) One close to each welfare farm?

8.3. Promote to buyers to check the excluded list when buying an off the track thoroughbred.

8.4. Would there be any financial support from Racing NSW?

8.5. Currently selling horses at $600 to re-educators to train and resell themselves. Not effective with numbers out at this stage.

8.6. Horse Breaker support for troubled horses

8.7. Local TB trainers and coached located by regions across NSW

9. TTNSW Images and Videos

9.1. Farm access to cameras is poor

9.2. Poor quality images, results in poor sales

9.3. Buyer updates are delayed

9.4. Lack of internet connection

9.5. New Welfare Team share drive - have not announced to farms to use

9.6. Horses available limited on the website due to lack of images of horses

9.7. All horses should be photo ID on arrival and during training process (saved in horse folders)

10. Rehoming Packs

10.1. TTNSW Goodies Bags

10.1.1. TTNSW Merch

10.1.2. Feed Voucher

10.1.3. Worming Paste

10.1.4. Saddlery Discount Code

10.1.5. Horse Digital ID Card

11. TTNSW Property Brands

11.1. Using properties to maximise training methods. Do this by using arenas, trail areas and free jumping grounds. Internet!!

12. Horses Rehomed Annually

12.1. 2020 - 2021 - TARGET 100

13. Equine Programs

13.1. Educational Programs

13.1.1. Equine Pathways Australia

13.1.2. RDA

13.1.3. Pony Club

13.1.4. HRCAV - TBC

13.1.5. ENSW - TBC

13.1.6. Australian Turf Club

13.2. Kari Workshops

13.3. St Heliers

13.4. Bungendore Pony Club Camp

13.5. RSL & TTNSW Program

13.6. Bandanora

13.6.1. Equine Assisted Therapy with retired racehorses - LaToyah to confirm options

14. Mechanical Horse

14.1. TAFE NSW

14.2. 80K inc trailer

14.2.1. trailer still at TAFE

14.3. Dan to contact about cost of Aus, current value and 1 new one from UK

14.4. TTNSW Roadshow Trailer

14.5. Stu to update on existing items in use or needing repair for apprentice school.

15. Major Events

15.1. Royal Easter Show

15.2. Scone Horse Week

15.3. Thoroughbred Spring Fair

15.4. Racing NSW Eventing Series

15.5. Polo in the City ?

15.6. The Championships

15.7. The Everest

15.8. SIEC Events?

16. Advertising horses online. Format for farm property manager and teams to follow

16.1. Ex: Scherzare, plain bay gelding, heavy set. 16.2hh. He has a very willing attitude and great work ethic. He has three good paces. He has commenced some basic leg yielding exercises. Freejumped to 80cm & cavaletti work. The Pilbrafox, brown gelding, athletic build, 16.1hh, working into a better frame, good paces. Has freejumped to 1.05m willing and confident, will take some work to improve his natural technique over a fence. Easy to deal with.

17. Horse Status Categories ''Rehoming Traffic Light System''

17.1. GREEN

17.1.1. Sound This horse has made full recovery from all health treatment/ injuries noted on the surrender forms. A horse in the sound category is ready to be sold at any given time in the aftercare education program. The horse has proven sound to be in the riding program and is showing willingness in attitude to return to work and progress . Light

17.2. YELLOW

17.2.1. Assessment is needed to determine if this horse will be a ridden prospect and is suitable for rehoming. Horses in this category have returned from rehabilitation and are awaiting assessment. They have been ridden and may have shown unsoundness. Companion and recip mares also sit within this category.

17.3. RED

17.3.1. TTNSW horse for life This horse will remain with TTNSW at one of our farms for life. This horse is unsafe for any future sales and will need time in the paddock until advised otherwise by management. This horse will not be able to resume work in any form. A horse assessed unsafe or showing dangerous behaviours will remain in this category.

17.4. PURPLE

17.4.1. Rehabilitation This horse has an injury or behavioural issue which requires time either in paddock to return to fitness, or extra time in training to rehabilitate. Once rehabilitation/time has been completed, it will become a yellow or green horse. Horses may become purple either on entry to the program if they are returning from joint or tendon injury or on farm if they injure themselves whilst in the program.

17.5. BLUE

17.5.1. TTNSW Horses. Horses to remain with TTNSW as part of the champions, paddock mates and ambassadors.

17.6. GREY - TBC

18. Rehab Programs

18.1. Gundy