Draft/ Flyer Evaluation Concerns

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Draft/ Flyer Evaluation Concerns by Mind Map: Draft/ Flyer Evaluation Concerns

1. Did i pick an accurate group?

1.1. Will i be able to answer all requirements?

1.1.1. May have to further my research

2. Furthering my research about how my group connects with it’s audience

2.1. Making sure my research is accurate and educational

3. Why is this draft important?

3.1. What is the purpose of turning in this draft twice?

3.1.1. Will my peer reviews help my outcome?

4. Will my flyer be eye catching enough for my grader...?

4.1. When reading my flyer will my audience understand why my group is so empowering?

4.1.1. How will my flyer show my creative abilities?!

5. How can i make sure to get a better grade on this assignment than last time.?

5.1. Pay attention to the rubric

5.1.1. Make sure everything is 100% to graders liking!

6. The design of my draft and flyer

6.1. How do i run it by the teacher to make sure im on the right track?

6.1.1. Will this be beneficial?