Audio Information

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Audio Information by Mind Map: Audio Information

1. How to store audio media?

1.1. Tape

1.2. Computer Hard Drive

1.3. Internet/Cloud

1.4. Memory Card

1.5. CD

1.6. USB Drive

2. What are the Types and Categories?

2.1. Audio Podcast

2.1.1. It is downloadable from a site to a media player or any gadgets.

2.2. Radio broadcast

2.2.1. used to reach a large number of people

2.3. Music

2.3.1. This is written and performed for a variety of reasons.

2.4. Sound Clips/Effects

2.4.1. Sounds that are short or long in duration and produce effects

2.5. Sound Recording

2.5.1. Sound recordings of various types

3. What are the purposes of using sound or audio media?

3.1. Everyone is given instructions or information.

3.2. It is used to provide people with insight.

3.3. This is useful for people who need to customize and modify their work in order to make it more lively.

4. What are the different audio file formats?

4.1. MP3

4.1.1. This is a common audio format for users.

4.2. M4A/AAC

4.2.1. This is an uncompressed digital audio compression method.

4.3. WAV

4.3.1. This is the most commonly used file format for game sounds.

4.4. WMA

4.4.1. This is used in conjunction with Windows Media Player.

5. What are the principles of sound design?

5.1. Transition

5.1.1. Segue

5.1.2. V-fade

5.1.3. Fade to Black

5.1.4. Cross-fade

5.2. Stereo Imaging

5.3. Mixing

5.4. Pace

6. What are the elements of sound?

6.1. Dialogue

6.1.1. Waterfall

6.2. Silence

6.3. Sound Effects

6.4. Music