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1. When it happens?

1.1. The age in which this phenomenon occurs, there are two different periods. The first between 8 and 14 years of age, while the second between 14 and 18, but in recent years there have been bullying phenomena even among 11-year-olds and even younger.

2. Where it happens?

2.1. Buylling takes place during school hours or on the way home-school, school-home;

3. Why it happens?

3.1. It happenens for: the child's temperament, family patterns, stereotypes imposed by the mass media, education imparted by parents or educational institutions and other variables related to the social environment.

4. How it manifests itself?

4.1. It is a series of physical, verbal and psychological actions repeated over time to the detriment of a victim.

5. What are the some effects?

5.1. Mood disturbances, a tendency to isolation, low self-esteem, sleep disturbances or the onset of a range of psychosomatic disorders, or even suicide may occur

6. The solutions?

6.1. -Report to the teacher what is happening -Encourage bully bullies to talk to teachers about it -Advise anyone who has seen someone bully another to tell the teachers everything -Ask for someone to come to school to talk about bullying and explain how to deal with it.