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Air by Mind Map: Air

1. Wind makes the windmill rotate. It is used to draw water from tubewells and also generate electricity.

2. Nitrogen-78% Oxygen-29% Carbon dioxide-0.04% Argon0.93%

3. Mixture of gas

4. Air found everywhere but we cannot see but feel.

5. It present in water and soil.

6. Oxygen present in air support burning.

7. The envelope of air that surrounds the earth is known as atmosphere.

8. Atmosphere is essential for life on earth.

9. Properties of air

10. Plant and animal DeLand on eachother for exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide from air.

11. It help in the movement of sailing yachts,gliders, parachutes and aeroplane,birds,insects.

11.1. It occupies space

12. Some dust particles may also present.

13. Like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide,and other gases