"The Picture of Dorian Gray"

The Picture of Dorian Gray

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"The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Mind Map: "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

1. Secondary characters

1.1. Basil Hallward

1.1.1. Dorian's friend and author of his portrait.

1.2. Lord Henry

1.2.1. Lord Henry is lending him the book on the sins of the world that would lead Dorian Gray to repeat the same steps.

1.3. Sibyl Vane

1.3.1. She was Dorian's first girlfriend, whom he originally planned to marry.

2. Main character

2.1. Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes)

3. Dates

3.1. Year

3.1.1. It was first published in 1890.

3.2. Written by

3.2.1. Oscar Wilde

4. What words caused Dorian to contract the curse?

4.1. How sad it is! I will grow old, horrible, horrible. But this painting will always be young. You will never leave this June day behind… If it were the other way around! If I always kept young and the portrait grew old! I'd give… I'd give anything for that! I would give my soul!

5. Sibyl Vane

5.1. Why does she commit suicide?

5.1.1. Because Dorian ended his relationship with her

5.2. How does she do it?

5.2.1. She commits suicide by drinking a glass with toxic materials

6. What does The Picture of Dorian Gray represent?

6.1. A tension between morality and hedonism

7. Who lends Dorian a book on the sins of the world?

7.1. Lord Henrry

8. By whom is Dorian driven to commit what he does?

8.1. It is Lord Henry who awakens in him the horror of death and, even more, of growing old ...

9. Produced by:

9.1. Abigail Monserrat López Delgado