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FINEOS Team @ ACC by Mind Map: FINEOS Team @ ACC

1. Knowlege Sharing

1.1. More Knowledge sharing (ACC) issues

1.2. SME Sessions & Showcases are important too

1.3. Knowledge sharing on ADO

1.4. FINEOS Korora group to share meeting requests

1.5. Payments Tech documentation

1.6. System Demo - Pre PI

1.7. Early Run throughs Demos

1.8. Collaboration and achievement in PI

1.9. Collab days

1.10. Catalogue of APIs and Web Services

1.11. Eos usage knowledge sharing

1.12. More knowledge sharing sessions, e.g. MFP

1.13. More awareness of Production timelines

1.14. List of people and their specialist areas to refer to

1.15. More videos on how to, e.g. product payments

1.16. Eos video library

2. Release and Environments

2.1. MCE instance data & usable

2.2. Full release all the time as we are doing only on weekends

2.3. Env issues - TCs Ownership

2.4. More Env access to reduce dependencies and save time

2.5. Release all

2.6. Plans for 2nd half of 2021 as we are going to do Data Centre move

2.7. Production mode for config would be better

2.8. Environment planning ahead

2.9. Less waiting for system accounts

3. Meetings

3.1. Manage calendar

3.2. No Lunch meetings

3.3. Right audience for meetings

3.4. Someone email out meeting decisions all the time

3.5. Be more vocal in meetings - e.g. refinement

3.6. Meeting free afternoon

3.7. Too many meetings in same day

3.8. Focusssed meetings

3.9. So many meeting, no time to work

3.10. good to see less meetings

3.11. no meetings over 45 mins

4. Team activities

4.1. Guinness night

4.2. Group Lunch

4.3. Team Lunch

4.4. Fresh Fruit

4.5. Group activities outside work

4.6. More sandwiches, less sausage rolls

4.7. End of sprint drinks

4.8. Outside work fun activities

5. Development

5.1. Junit improvements

5.2. Development should consider NFR/Security impacts

5.3. Easier to test code (JUnit)

5.4. More Junits

5.5. Pair Programming

6. Product Engagement

6.1. Individual ownership of FINEOS product engagement

6.2. Exploring product options - Product defect/ new solution

6.3. Eos Prodapp - access according to ACC

7. Team behaviours

7.1. Proactive

7.2. Dealing with queries - be responsible

7.3. Question why more

7.4. Team work & team support (love)

7.5. Need to trust each other

7.6. Raise issues early

7.7. Raise your hand if you're stugling

7.8. Understanding of others roles

7.9. Shout out for people when others do well

7.10. FINEOS scrum, over coffee

7.11. smaller teams run smoother

7.12. Working flexibly

7.13. Wish we had more control within our teams

7.14. more control over deliverables

7.15. Joint team with integrations

7.16. More streamlined interfaces with ACC staff

8. ACC

8.1. SSO - don't have to login multiple times

8.2. JIRA search to find old JIRAs easier

8.3. Static/bookable desks

8.4. Make access requests easy