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Hong Kong Culture by Mind Map: Hong Kong Culture

1. Combination of Chinese and Western culture

1.1. Food

1.1.1. Chinese and Western food mixed together Swiss Sauce Chicken wings HK style french toast

1.1.2. Gourmet paradise You can find a variety of food from different countries in Hong Kong

2. Convenient Transportation

2.1. Trams

2.2. MTR

2.3. Buses

3. Freedom

3.1. Freedom of speech

3.1.1. People being able to share their opinions

3.1.2. Protesting

3.2. Freedom of forming and joining trade unions

4. Entertainment

4.1. Amusement parks

4.2. Attractions

4.3. Traditional festival celebrations

4.4. Karaoke

4.5. Theatres

5. Colourful Decorations

5.1. Neon lighting

5.2. Street sings with unique style and names

5.3. Graffiti