One Place more earn

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One Place more earn by Mind Map: One Place more earn

1. Ecommerce Product sell

1.1. Product sell more income 200-500 bdt per one

1.2. Product buy at chip price

1.3. Earn money

2. One Integrated earn account

2.1. Survey Work

2.2. Ads Click Work

2.3. Affiliate Ip sell Income

2.4. One Integrated earn account

3. All income per month 10000-1800 BDT U have to spend 4 hour Every day

4. Payment method instant Baksh Bank Or another Getaway

5. Diagram Of Earning plan for student

6. Joining Fee 25 tk .

6.1. Refer Earn 20 Tk

6.2. 2nd person refer 5 tk