Hub,Switch And router

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Hub,Switch And router by Mind Map: Hub,Switch And router

1. Hub

1.1. Data copied to all other port

1.2. Even computer 3 and 4 not communicate still received the data that computer 1 and 2 communicate .

1.3. It waste bandwith

1.4. only detect a device that physically connected to it

2. Switch

2.1. Data directed only to intended port

2.2. If computer 1 communicate with computer 2 , only computer that communicate will receive the data .

2.3. can detect specific devices that connected to it

2.4. Keep record MAC Address of those devices

3. Hub and switch are used to exchange data withing local area network

3.1. not used to exchange data outside their network

3.2. to exchange data outside network , a device need to be able to read IP addresses

4. Hub and switch are used to create network

5. Router

5.1. The red network

5.1.1. router only going to accept red data packet because they are the only one intended

5.1.2. data rejected by router will be sent to another network

5.2. Routes data from one network to another based on their IP

5.3. The router is the gateway of a network

6. Router are used to connect nettwork