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CVAD by Mind Map: CVAD


1.1. Keep arm dry

1.2. Avoid heavy lifting on this arm

1.3. Can get caught in clothing

1.4. Unable to change dressing without assistance

1.5. May need to wear arm bandage to keep secure

2. CVC

2.1. Keep chest Dry

2.2. Can get caught in clothing

2.3. Obvious when wearing low cut tops

2.4. 2-3 small scars

2.5. Inserted under local anaesthetic

3. Portocath

3.1. Can shower, bathe and swim

3.2. Discreet

3.3. Scar approx 2.5cm long

3.4. Repeat use of needles in skin and risk of sharps injury

3.5. Requires surgical procedure whereas IV access does not