The Modern Age

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The Modern Age by Mind Map: The Modern Age

1. War poets

1.1. Rupert Brooke, The Soldier

1.2. Patriotic, idealized, enthusiastic view of war and death.

1.3. Wilfred Owen, Dulce et decorum est

1.4. Realistic, cruel, disenchanted vision of war and death.

1.5. Links: Love for one's country, patriotism, war and peace.

2. Historical background

2.1. 1901-1945

2.2. Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes

2.3. Movements in defense of workers' rights (general strike, trade unions)

2.4. Irish Civil war (1922)

2.5. Great depression, 30s

2.6. Dissolution of the British Empire

2.7. Originality and experimentation in the arts.

2.8. Lack of certainties because of discoveries in Science, Psychlogy and Philosophy.

3. Modernism

3.1. James Joyce

3.2. Virginia Woolf

3.3. George Orwell