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Subhi by Mind Map: Subhi

1. Key events

1.1. Elis death

1.1.1. Subhi birthday The riot The jackets killing Eli

2. Themes

2.1. Friendship

2.1.1. Jimmie Eli Queeny

2.2. Depression/grief or loss

2.2.1. Eli’s death Subhis mums grief and depression

3. Personality

3.1. Friendly

3.1.1. Respect ful Goofy

3.2. Passionate

3.2.1. Hopeful Funny

3.2.2. Responsible Creative


4.1. I look towards the camp again,

4.1.1. All I can think of is maa ,queeny and Eli

4.1.2. Eli says we’re more then friends we’re brothers. You need to be strong and look after your mother