How can we improve our students' success in math?

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How can we improve our students' success in math? by Mind Map: How can we improve our students' success in math?

1. School

1.1. Support children with diverse needs through instruction that is universal. Information is presented in various ways and learning can be expressed in various ways.

1.2. Teach students to have a growth mind-set. Teach children to stretch themselves and persevere even when things aren't going well.

1.3. Integrate math into other subjects. Teach students that math is everywhere and has many cross-curricular connections.

1.4. We must remember that learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential, and relational. Students need time and space to make connections between learning and their world.

2. Community

2.1. Invite community members into school for special events such as informational nights, math displays, and celebrations of learning.

2.2. Create physical space where community members can gather.

2.3. Create spaces for community involvement alongside the classroom. Ex. Strong Start Centers

2.4. Host a Family Math Night.

2.5. Invite stakeholders in the community to participate in experiential learning opportunities. Find ways to connect curriculum to community.

3. Home

3.1. Establish a growth mind-set. Praise children for their persistence and strategies rather than intelligence.

3.2. Be involved. Read aloud to your children and talk about numbers they encounter in their environment. Have conversations about school activities, homework and learning expectations.

3.3. Start early. Encourage math conversations and learning with your toddler by having number talks about everyday things in their world.

3.4. Make math fun! Children learn through play. Use cards, dice and board games to help your child learn about numbers.

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